Article 1
What Orbitur Camping Club is

ORBITUR CAMPING CLUB is a privileged service at Orbitur tourist units, and possibly beyond them, including benefits to the members enrolled in the club and to its cardholders.

Article 2
Who can be a Member

Generally, any individual over the age of 16 can apply to register as a member of ORBITUR CAMPING CLUB, provided he/she complies with the formalities and conditions of enrollment.

Also in principle, any collective entity (company, association, etc.) may submit proposals for individual members of ORBITUR CAMPING CLUB.

Orbitur reserves the right not to admit any card applicants, namely due to a poor record before Orbitur or any other persons or entities.

Article 3
Duties of Members

ORBITUR CAMPING CLUB members shall have the following duties:

  1. Respect and promote respect for the Regulations of the Orbitur tourist units;
  2. Settle within the fixed time the debts to Orbitur;
  3. Notify Orbitur in case of loss of their membership card, change of residence or alteration of their identification elements;
  4. Not to permit the use of their membership by other people, on any ground whatsoever;
  5. Use his/her card in own benefit only, reason for which it is compulsory to present it whenever taking profit from its advantages.

Article 4
Rights of Club Members

Club Members are granted the following privileges:

  1. Special prices or discounts on Orbitur price lists;
  2. Possibility of advanced reservations without payment of any damage deposit, whenever required;
  3. Use of sport or recreational facilities located in Orbitur campsites at special prices;
  4. Various discounts or special advantages at all establishments joining the Orbitur Camping Club project;
  5. Information and news about new undertakings, new products and services, promotions, entertainment, etc.
  6. Support service for Orbitur Camping Club members, including customer service at campsites reception during their respective opening periods, or by telephone at +351 226061360, fax: +351 226063590 or e-mail at (weekdays from 09:30 am to 12:00 noon and from 15:00 pm to 18:00 pm).
Article 5
Extension of Rights and Duties

The rights described in the previous articles may cover all direct family members, exclusively in the presence of the respective member, who is holder of a valid Orbitur Camping Club card. Direct family members are intended to be spouses or relatives in the first degree only (parents and in-laws, children or stepchildren of the OCC member).

Article 6
Enrollment and Revalidation Procedures

  1. All people interested in joining the Club may complete the application/ revalidation forms, which are available for this purpose at the reception desk or online directly on Orbitur website;
  2. The issue or revalidation of Orbitur Camping Club membership cards is subject to payment of enrollment/revalidation fees which are defined and divulged annually by Orbitur and are intended to cover the membership card issue/revalidation expenses , the costs to send it and data maintenance;
  3. The card is valid for a period of 1 year from January to December and may be renewed for an equal period;
  4. Any requests for OCC cards substitution due to card loss get a 50% discount;
  5. All enrollments and revalidations occurred during the last quarter of the calendar year, for the same year, get a 50% discount;
  6. Any sequential card revalidation for the following year (without interruption) may get a 20% discount, comparing with the set enrollment price;
  7. The issue of a OCC member second card for a member of the same household (relatives in the first degree) has a 50% discount on the set enrollment price;
  8. To all OCC cards issue /revalidations for individuals under 35 years of age or above the age of 60, a 50% discount applies on the price annually set for enrollment;
  9. For the joining issuance of OCC cards which are proposed by collective entities for ten or more than ten persons, a 50% discount applies on the price annually set for enrollment;
  10. The non-acceptance of an application form implies that Orbitur returns 100% of the amount previously received.

Article 7
Acceptance of Regulations

By registering as a member of the Orbitur Camping Club, the user agrees the acceptance of the conditions contained in these Regulations.

Article 8
Membership Card

After the acceptance of the request for enrollment/revalidation and receipt of the corresponding payment, a new card or a validity stamp of a model approved by Orbitur will be made available. The card or the validity stamp will be sent by post, normally within 30 days, to the address the member had previously provided to Orbitur, unless otherwise is agreed in advance.

Article 9
  1. Orbitur may exclude members from the club or suspend benefits to them or to their families in case they do not meet the obligations referred to in these Regulations or due to any conduct deemed prejudicial to the interest of Orbitur.
  2. It is the responsibility of Orbitur to choose the deadline for the suspension/exclusion of members and the possible readmission to membership.

Article 10
Amendment to Regulations

Orbitur reserves the right to amend these regulations without prior consent of the members.

Omitted Cases

Orbitur shall decide all cases not covered by these regulations.

Oporto, 22 December 2011